In Unity There Is Healing

7 Ways the Faith Community Can Support the

Mother’s Day Walk for Peace:


Take your congregation to the streets.  Over the years, churches have showed up in huge numbers for the Mother’s Day Walk for Peace! Some congregations chose to “do church” out at the walk that day, others have joined with sister churches in Boston and others have moved up service to late morning. The walk begins early in the morning, so many people leave in time to attend services.  Whether you are joining us in person or finding creative ways to support “in spirit,” spread the word in your community about your commitment to Peace!

1. Start a walking team

  • Select a team captain and set a fundraising goal
  • Send a group from your church out to the walk.
  • Reach out to local papers and let them know you are participating.

 Can’t walk? No problem! Here’s how to get involved “in spirit:”

2. Share information about the walk and ways to participate with your congregation

  • Give out postcards or hang posters! Print materials from:
  • Take some time during the service on Mother’s Day to recognize and celebrate them, perhaps with a prayer, an announcement, or a mention in the order of service.
  • Send out an email describing the walk and the mission of the Peace Institute! Find inspiration and information at
  • Be social, share your enthusiasm about the Mother’s Day Walk on Twitter and Facebook!, #mothersdaywalk4peace  
  • Change your Facebook profile photo or banner to the logo image.

3. Make a second Peace offering on Mother’s Day
Your church’s contributions can go a long way to supporting the ministry of the Peace Institute.

4. Conduct a “virtual walk”
Even if you can’t join us in person, you can fundraise via a “virtual walk” or some creative activity that your church can think of. Set a fundraising goal and ask your congregation to help meet the goal.

5. Read the Peace Pledge on Mother’s Day

Pledge for PEACE
I will treat others the way I want to be treated.
I will respect the diversity of all people.
I will use peaceful words.
I will have a positive attitude.
I will show LOVE.
I will practice UNITY.
I will have FAITH, HOPE, and COURAGE.
I believe PEACE is POSSIBLE   
*You and your family can take this pledge and keep it in a prominent location as a reminder that peace is possible. You can use it in vigils, memorial service or other community activities.

6. Offer sermons on the Principles of Peace
The Principles of Peace can be powerful components of worship. Consider a sermon on one of them, or even a series on all seven! The Principles are: LOVE * UNITY * FAITH * HOPE * COURAGE * JUSTICE * FORGIVENESS

7. Sponsor a team
There are many teams seeking contributions to support their Mother’s Day Walk participation! Find teams to sponsor on









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