In Unity There Is Healing

 Fundraising Tips


The Mother’s Day Walk for Peace is the Peace Institute’s most
important fundraiser of the year. We’re counting on you to help us
raise money to sustain our critical programs and services. 

We ask all Walkers to set a personal goal of raising at least $100, and
teams to set a goal of raising at least $1,000.  We encourage you to
set a higher goal if you can!

Watch an Informational Video on How to Get Involved Here.

Donate YourSelf

Your friends and family are much more likely to give if you model making a contribution. Make sure your network understands how the Peace Institute has benefited you and why you support us. 

Share Your Story

:Share why you walk and what the Mother's Day Walk for Peace means to you! Sharing your story will inspire others to walk with you and give to the Peace Institute. Whether you’re a survivor of a homicide victim or an ally who wants to show support for your neighbors, we appreciate you spreading the word about the walk and asking people to give what they can. 

Start Asking Early

Our number one fundraising tip: ask and you shall receive!
Let your loved ones know you are participating in the 21st Annual Mother’s Day Walk for Peace. Ask you friends and family to give to the Peace Institute in person and online.   

We recommend sending an email to your friends and family asking them to give and sharing your Team fundraising page.

Please post on social media about the walk and use your pages to motivate your network to give. We find it helpful to say, “I gave to the Mother’s Day Walk for Peace. Will you give today, too?” We post regular updates on our social media and encourage you to share them!

Be sure to follow up with friends and family. It’s normal to ask 4-5 times before someone donates. One way to motivate your friends and family is to share how much more you have left to raise before you reach your goal. Your friends and family will appreciate updates and reminders!


Be sure to express your appreciation for your friends and family who give! Let them know that they’re playing an important role in peacemaking by sustaining the Peace Institute’s critical programs and services.  Together, we can reach our goal of raising $400,000.

Thank you so much for investing in peace!