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How to Register

Step 1: Did your Team CapTain Create a TEAM Fundraising Page?

If so, your team exists.  If you don’t know, check the list of teams here.


See instructions here. 

Step 3: Register as Part of your Team

1)     From the MDW4P page, click the Register link.
2)     Click “Register”
3)     You should see an Event Registration page where you enter your name and information
a.      Towards the bottom you will see a drop menu that says “Credit this event registration to this team or individual:”
b.     Click on the drop down menu and select your Team
c.      Note: You do not have to create your own online fundraising pages – you can promote the link to the team page your Team Captain created for your Team (but you have to get the link from your Team Captain –e-mail it, share it on Facebook/Twitter/whatever you use with them)
4)     Check off the Waiver Statement
5)     Click “Continue”


Step 4: Share your page

Team Captain 
1)     After you are logged in to your account and have created a page, you can “Manage Page”
a.      This is where you created a name for the page, set a fundraising goal, personalized it
2)     From there, there is a tab (about half way down the window) that says “Share Page” a.      Click that and you will see two links
3)     The Donation link is the link to your page –share that link by copying and pasting it into e-mails or whatever
a.      Or click on an icon at the bottom of the page to share it through those social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, and such) – this will share the Donation Link
4)     The other link is the Event Registration link, which takes people to the registration page

Team Members
1)     Get the Donation Link from your Team Captain
2)     OR find your Team Page listed on the MDW4P page
a.      At the top of the page, hover your mouse over the “Get Involved” tab – a list will appear b.     Click on the “List of Peace Teams”
c.      Scroll down and find your team
d.     Click on your team
e.     Copy the URL (web address) and email or FB or Twitter it to your friends.


How to Donate to a Team

From the Home page: 1)     Click on the “Donate” button
2)    On the next page, click on “Invest in peace today” OR the “Donate”  button next to it. 
3) Fill out the form.  All fields with an asterisk * are required.
At the bottom: “Credit donation to Social Fundraiser” – that means a team or an individual (the language that the database uses here is weird)  - pick your team from the drop-down box.

4) Or go directly to Team page and click on the GREEN Donate button! Fill out the form and your donation will show up on the page.