Sample fundraising letter

Dear Friends,
The Louis D. Brown Peace Institute was founded in 1993 by Tina Chery after her 15-year-old son, Louis, was shot and killed on his way to a “Teens Against Youth Violence” meeting in Dorchester. The Peace Institute develops curriculum to educate young people about the importance of peace and provides crisis management and counseling to families who have been impacted by violence.

Every year, thousands of people from across the state join Tina and gather to participate in the annual Mother’s Day Walk for Peace. Among those walking are elected officials, law enforcement professionals, neighbors, clergy, advocates and parents and friends of people who have been killed in this violence.

Whether your concerns are domestic violence, the recent school shooting in Newtown, Connecticut or the tragic consequences of the recent Marathon Day bombing, the problem of violence in our world is a sad reality. I know I have struggled with what I can do to make a difference and how to raise children who are aware, but not frightened, of these tough issues. For our family, it is the overarching message of the value and importance of peace that we want our children to understand.

This year, our family is going to take part in the 2016 Mother's Day Walk for Peace, which will be held on Sunday, May 08. Should you wish to join us, the walk takes place between 6:00 am - 12:00 pm, still allowing time for you to still go out to brunch yourself or to make plans with your family.

While one of the goals of the walk is to raise money for the Louis D. Brown Peace Institute– the larger goal is to raise awareness of the problem of violence in these neighborhoods just miles from our own.

I hope some of you will join us on May 8 or make a pledge to support our family's team. I’m looking forward to it being both a powerful and rewarding part of my Mother’s Day. Checks can be made payable to the Louis D. Brown Peace Institute or you can donate at



In Unity There Is Healing