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The SPOT for Life Fundraising Page

Ronald Odom Sr.

Ronald Odom Sr.

Hello Family and Friends,

Please help us support Louis D. Brown Peace Institute by making a contribution towards our personal Walk goal and sharing this page with your family and friends. Every dollar we raise will advance Louis D. Brown Peace Institute's mission as a Center of Healing, Teaching and Learning! Additionally, you can ask us how you can get involved too.
Together, we can make a difference!

This will mark our 15th year walking to the beat of our beloved Steven’s heart.

As parents losing a child is devastating and losing a child at the hands of another persons compounds that devastation.

It is both our faith in God and our love for Steven and his voice he left in his Peace Journal that keeps us engaged in being a part of the solution.

The Peace Institute understands that healing comes from addressing both sides of this complex equation, because we lose at both ends of the gun, or both ends of whatever the violent object used to bring harm.

Please support the SPOT for Life Foundation team and help us raise $1,500 towards the $600,000 goal.

If you’re able to join the walk, we look forward to seeing you!

Thank you for any contribution you can make!

 Ronald and Kim Odom


raised of $1,500 goal

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