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28th Annual Mother's Day Walk for Peace

May 12, 2024


Looking for more ways to get involved?

Take action today and support the Louis D. Brown Peace Institute legislative package.


The Louis D. Brown Peace Institute (LDBPI) seeks to expand access to justice for all by supporting the following bills in the Massachusetts Legislature: 

State Budget items we support - 
  • 4513-1098 Homicide response funding - $300,000 total funding with $200,000 for the LDBPI and $100,000 to be distributed statewide to the survivor network in the form of grants.
  • 7002-2021 Community Empowerment Reinvestment Grant Program - $22.5 million to support We are Better Together, My Brothers Keeper 617, Our Community Re-Entry Preparation Services, and 58 other groups.

• H.2437/S.1562 - Crime Gun Data Analysis Bill - Will help trace the origin of guns by reporting and analyzing the data of guns recovered by law enforcement. Lead sponsors: Rep. Marjorie Decker, Sen. Cynthia Creem 


• H.1905/S.2030 - Jail and Prison Construction Moratorium (fact sheet) - Would stop state investment in building more places of incarceration and shift those resources to the community. Lead sponsors: Rep. Chynah Tyler, Sen. Jo Comerford


• H.1377-S.868 - Real Estate transfer fees - would add a local fee of up to 2% on each real estate transaction to fund affordable housing or community preservation. Lead sponsors: Rep. Mike Connolly, Sen. Jo Comerford


• H.1826 - Raise the Age Bill (“Raise the Age”) - would eventually increase the age at which young people are considered adults in the criminal justice system to age 21. Lead sponsors: Rep. James J. O'Day, Rep. Kay Khan


• H.1976/S.1156 - Bereavement Leave - would allow those who suffer the death of a loved one to take time to grieve without the additional worry that it will result in job loss. Lead sponsors: Rep. Sean Garballey, Sen. Michael Barrett