All photos by David Mullins.

Peace isn’t simply the absence of violence.

peace is the presence of healing, reconciliation, and accountability. ​

The Mother’s Day Walk is a celebration of our potential to create communities

where all families can live in peace and all children are valued.

Walk with us toward peace FROm FIELDS CORNER TO BOSTON CITY HALL this Mother's Day!

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Be A Captain! Increase the impact you make by asking your friends and family to walk with you or support the Peace Institute through social fundraising, it has never been easier to reach your fundraising goals.

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Want to end violence and help families who have lost loved ones to violence work through their pain? Pledge your commitment to Peace! Anyone can walk.  Join thousands of caring individuals walking to make a difference on Sunday, May 08, 2016.     

20 YEARS: Celebrating The Courage of Community

Walking the WALK to END the VIOLENCE!              Sunday, 5.8.2016  8am

7 principles of peace –- love, unity, faith, hope, courage, justice, and forgiveness

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Sponsoring the Mother’s Day Walk for Peace will garner positive community recognition, admiration and support for your business and demonstrate your company’s commitment to building a peaceful Boston.