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Janice Johnson

Janice Johnson

My brother Eric Johnson, was a homicide victim in 2006 and that's when I started walking for the MDW4P. Now my one and only son Ja'Maar D. Johnson, we so gracefully call "5IVE" was struck by a vehicle on September 8, 2023 approximately 12:12 am and was sent to Tufts Medical Center with life threatening injuries. The trauma and shock of it all was horrible and heartbreaking not knowing for days if he would make it through. With the help of the Survivor Outreach Services of the Louis D. Brown Peace Institute we were able to receive emotional, practical and financial support. After several brain activity test my Ja'Maar was pronounced deceased on September 11th at 6:28 pm. As we screamed in devastation of this news the LDBPI support team remained with us at the hospital during this time and supported the family through our crisis.

JAMAAR WAS A HEART DONOR AND SAVED A LIFE ♥️ Will you help give back too? Please consider sharing this page with your family and friends, and inviting them to join our team, either by walking on that day and/or contributing to the LDB Peace Institute through our fundraising pages. Every dollar we raise will advance LDBPI's important work, especially their program support for families and communities impacted by murder, trauma, grief and loss. We are forever grateful for the love, compassion and consistent service the LDBPI has offered us over the years.

Many thanks for considering our invitation. My team goal of $3000 is to support and to HONOR Ja'Maar's Legacy as one of the TOP TEAMS in fundraising efforts. Thank you so much everyone for excepting our invitation.



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