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27th Annual Mother's Day Walk for Peace

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Cultivating Cycles of Peace
The Mother's Day Walk for Peace (MDW4P) is a beloved 27-year-long Boston tradition and celebration of our potential to create more peaceful communities. It is the Louis D. Brown Peace Institute’s (LDBPI) largest fundraising event to grow and sustain our services, advocacy and training. Our goal is to empower survivors, Generation Peace and communities impacted by murder, trauma, grief and loss to cultivate cycles of peace and healing.

Our 2023 theme is "Cultivating Cycles of Peace.” In our society, we are constantly looped into cycles of violence that overshadow the transformative power of peace. Like a blooming flower, cycles of peace flourish when carefully cultivated. We have the agency to cultivate these cycles by empowering survivors, supporting returning citizens and their families and investing in Generation Peace.

We invite you to walk with us to cultivate these cycles of peace in our communities.


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